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“My music charted in the top 50 for medium base music. My music reached the top of the world’s independent music charts. I Music topped the charts in Portland and across the country. My music is well-known throughout the world, and I am the only artist who consistently protests by utilizing music as a vehicle to convey a powerful message. Continually”- he stated.

Darrell Kelley before fame

Darrell Kelley embodies the renaissance man. He moved to the wonderful state of Georgia after being born in Boston, Massachusetts, and immediately went to work feeding the hearts and minds of the people in his town. Kelley uses his musical talent to share a message of hope and love, calling people out for dialogue and action, as a social leader. He speaks openly about key issues such as racism, injustice, and inequality, and uses his musical talent to share a message of hope and love, calling people out for dialogue and action 



In today’s political climate, unity is needed more than ever. There’s something about gospel music that helps bring that unity forth, in addition to providing an uplifting message for listeners. Pastor Darrell Kelley has set out to promote a unified front from the gospel community, in hopes that listeners and fans will adhere to the messaging. After breaking into the gospel music scene, Kelley has continued utilizing his inherent talent of spreading light and positivity to anyone who will listen.

After Kelley released his hit single “Unity” earlier this year, he has noticed how listeners have flocked toward him. As this is the goal for any entertainer, he only plans to continue blazing ahead in his career. He’s been in the game for several years, and has no plans in stopping anytime soon. “I own a restaurant called Soul Delicious, and we do a gospel concert every year. My gospel group kept inviting me to perform, and I’ve done it ever since. I’ve been writing and producing since 2013,” said Kelley. Kelley is a wearer of many hats, and his versatility and effectiveness in being so relatable has helped him gain footing in the industry.

Darrell Kelley is back on the scene with a new single titled ‘Believe in Something (Kneel)”, which is an ode to NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s movement. Freedom of speech and the power to proclaim what you believe in is at the forefront of the song’s theme, which is crucially important to Kelly. You see, Kelley places an emphasis on each person’s individualistic ideas and beliefs, especially in the case of Kaepernick. The song shines light on the movement in a positive way, therein giving a voice to people who want to exercise their given rights.

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